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Mornington Peninsula Nannies understand that life is busy, unpredictable and parent’s requirements for childcare often vary. Whether you are returning to work or in need of some spare time, our nannies are of the highest quality and will individually strive to meet your needs. Whatever your situation Mornington Peninsula Nannies offer three types of services: permanent, short term and casual.

Finding a nanny that will work full time with your children and for a long period of time is the most important thing to get right. Although interviewing is conducted for all nannies on our books we pay closer attention to those that require permanent placements. We also insist on twelve month contract with the nannies. During this time we will seek feedback from the parents and adapt accordingly. It is also a chance for the nannies to get help from us whenever needed. We aim to support both parties.

Part Time
Mornington Peninsula Nannies understand that with two working parents, before and after school care is vital. It can be impossible to fit your busy life in to a time frame. Mornington Peninsula Nannies are very flexible, reliable and can work outside the regular hours of main stream organisations. Essentially getting rid of the stress.

Casual / Babysitting
Casual nannies or babysitters are always needed and Mornington Peninsula Nannies can offer help here as well. Being located within a popular holiday destination of Victoria parents often have a need for temporary childcare during periods such as school holidays or for a night out. With a simple one off booking fee we will provide you with an experienced nanny even at short notice. We try to provide you with your preferred/regular Nanny, however if they are not available we will provide you with another of Mornington Peninsula highly experience, reliable and responsible Nannies.